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Monday, April 05, 2010


....and I was the one doing the writing, for I was judging last weekend.

It`s a funny game, judging. I always wonder, before I start, if it will all go blank and I will look around and think "but they are all just little dogs" - much like Alice saying "you`re just a pack of cards".

But it never works like that. I start the first class and I am straight in to assessing movement, looking for level toplines, shuddering at heads that seem to belong on horses rather than dogs, investigating mouths and floppy ears, and the whole thing just rolls along.

Judging guarantees you many knives in your back, but I really don`t care. Dog showing is not for the thin-skinned, and judging is even worse in that respect. Given that this doesn`t disturb you, judging is fun, and a chance to let people see what you really think about the breed.

So I had a good day. I was happy with my winners.

Solitaire had the experience of a whole day in with Delia and Fidget, and headed for the door with a glazed look as soon as she was set free. Delia and Fidget were their usual happy selves. They have been assured that they are not penguins, and this has taken a great weight off their minds...

"We have learned that penguins are birds. Big ones. Bigger than chickens. We already know all about chickens, which Mum says live in a land called Tesco - they are very tasty. Bigger sounds better! So we are on the lookout for penguins, and will take every chance to investigate the Tesco bags even more closely than usual, just in case...."

Delia and Fidget
As long as it isn't "mene, mene, tekel, upharsin" - which it isn't! All comments I heard were favourable about your judging!
Well, some of the exhibits were "weighed in the balance and found wanting" - but then, that`s what I was there for!
Were you tired afterwards? It must have been a long stretch of time from leaving home to back home again. Still the welcome you would have received would have made up for any tiredness - or did they sulk?
It is tiring because unlike an exhibitor, you don`t get a rest - you are on the go for some hours. But you don`t notice at the time.
And yes, they were all really glad to see me! (Merlin was a bit puzzled that he didn`t get to go, though.)
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