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Thursday, March 25, 2010


"This is Fidget. My picture is at the head of the last post (my sister is there too but we don`t talk about her.) I am told that in the picture people have said that I look like a Penguin.

I asked my Mum. `Am I a Penguin?` She looked worried. She thought I wasn`t, though. My Mum is a warm furry quiet person, always there for me, and I really didn`t suspect she was a Penguin.

I asked about my Dad. I have never seen my Dad. Was he maybe a Penguin?

I have never heard my Mum go on so. I didn`t get the half of it. Something about `heartless villain` - `took advantage of an innocent girl` - `worst experience of my life` - `if I ever get my paws on him`. I am not good at all these big words. I don`t think any of them meant `Penguin` though.

I am little and can`t read my pedigree. Maybe there are Penguins there.

But on the whole I think I am being got at."


"My brother is rotten. He eats my food and bites me on the bum. He is everything that is bad.

I think he is probably a Penguin.

Whatever that is."

Um? Miss Delia? Sorry, but Fidget doesn't look like a penguin to me. How is mum Solitaire coping with you two anyway? Besides the obvious, um, original 'physical transgression' upon her delicate & sensitive person? What is the canine equivalent of 'person' anyway?
Glad to see you all back and hopefully you are much better Elizabeth.
The dialog between Delia and Fidget sounds just like my life with my older brother as we were growing up - and still sounds pretty much like life today. And Fidget is such a good name for my brother!!! Hope spring is really sprung and the sunshine is helping to heal you. Best -
Dear Fidget and Delia,

I am Lizzie, a mittelspitz (also not a penguin). Penguins are a large flightless bird kind of like a turkey. My 'brother' Indy had a plan about going to Arctica, where they live (we watched them on the TV and learned a lot, like how they can escape from the back of the box without having to come through the living room, which I think is really unfair) and eating them all, but he never did it before he passed away. Anyway, you are not penguins, but if you want, I have a penguin hat that will help you catch them. And then you can share in eating them with me.

Love & kisses,
Lizzie Demonspitz
I am much better, thank you, and even the weather is a little better today!
"We are delighted to find out that we are not penguins, and much more delighted to know we can eat them. We are very keen on eating most things, and have recently discovered chicken. The idea of even bigger tasty birds is great, and when we go outside we are now constantly on the look out for those penguins.
Mum says she thinks chickens come from Tesco.so maybe penguins live there too. When we get one - and we will, we can do anything - we will be glad to share it!"

Delia and Fidget
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