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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Time flies on, and Riot has made her debut at training class. There was no real worry about her being shy - more that she would overwhelm all the others.

She took one look at it all and loved it. She spent the rest of the evening resolutely making friends, and even accepted the nasty lead round the neck and swaggered about.

There were Peke puppies, which most Pap puppies approach as challenging and possibly dangerous puzzles - sorta explosive Rubik cubes. Velvet was stymied. She inspected both ends of an obliging young Peke and still couldn`t figure out what it was. She made the usual Papillon compromise in the face of a difficult situation and decided to bark it senseless. Ella was not sure either, but at last decided that at least it had the correct type of face.

Riot ran up to it (at the correct end) and asked it to please, please play with her. (Which she had done to every other dog there.)

She had an evening of play and when I got them home I let them out for a run. Ella and Velvet came back in - but no Riot.

I investigated and found a small furry mound on the doorstep. She was sound asleep.
What a happy little wiggly tail. No wonder she was so tired.
Bless her little cotton socks!
She had a great time - but then she always does. Happiness in fur - that`s Riot

.... and you can't ask for more than that!
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