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Friday, March 19, 2010


It`s been a while - a combination of recovering from the awful winter and my usual poor health.

But I did get to Crufts, and enjoyed seeing the most impressive Open Dog class in years. I did not expect anything myself, but Crufts is one of those events you just don`t miss.

This year it was sponsored by a furniture firm, DFS, and I had visions of the benching replaced by sofas, which my lot would have loved, but alas, not a soft seat in sight.

Allegra returned to the ring - like a rocket. Years ago I used to hear about locals "stopping" racing greyhounds by feeding them black pudding and a pint of milk before the race. I should try this on Allegra. She bounced uncontrollably and informed everyone that she had not been fed for weeks, and were those titbits? She ate my chicken, and then climbed over the next bitch to get hers. She was an embarrassment.

Merlin, on the other hand, had been well sorted by her on the way down. He never uttered a sound throughout - a first, and a welcome one....it was strange to get through a show without the screeching arias I know so well. I`d love to know just what Allegra had threatened him with.....I suspect instant neutering had been the least of it.

All I brought back was a heavy dose of the Winter Vomiting Virus, which has laid me low for the past week.

Next week I will be the judge.

Just wait and see!
I hope you are well over the virus now. Dehydration can be bad. Good luck with being a judge!
Just about back on my feet, thanks. Do not recommend the Winter Vomiting virus !

Judging is quite fun really.
Really sorry to hear that you haven't been well. Hope you are now full recovered and that the dogs were all very cooperative while you were under the weather.
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