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Friday, October 09, 2009

Blanche, somewhat ear challenged but still doing cute really well
Elizabeth, is it because she's mostly white that she's to be a pet rather than a show dog? Sorry for the ignorance, I'm just curious. She looks so sweet. Mind you, they all look sweet which I know from your writings ISN'T the case. :-)
Yes, the white face is the problem. Apart from the cosmetics she is a happy normal little girl - a bit bossy, perhaps.
I LOVE Velvet's little mismarked face. :P I have a secret adoration of mismarked, uneven particolored dogs with eye patches or one dark ear. :P (My first Cardi was so marked and obviously I imprinted on the color. Or something. :P)
The marking thing is just a silly convention. She is a lovely little girl - her makeup doesn`t really matter at all.
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