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Friday, August 07, 2009


I am destined never to get a night`s sleep, it seems.

Again I was awakened, about 4am, this time by the fire alarm. I got up. There was no fire. There was, however, a fire alarm having a nervous breakdown, and refusing to shut up. It is one with an integrated ten year battery - no switching it off by removing that.

This was the second panic awkening in two nights, and I had had enough. Instead of doing something sensible with it, I completely lost my temper, rushed out into the night, and hurled it away into the next field.

Back to bed, thinking that was that.

But next morning, when I got up and out - it was still going! And so loud! Broadcasting to the whole valley. Possibly for ten years....?

Cue a shamefaced and painful hunt among the nettles for the errant ET, still loudly phoning home, and more sensible disposal.

"What was all that beeping last night?" asked my neighbour. "Did you not hear it?"

I told her I sleep very soundly.

Well, I would like to...

Who knows what tonight will bring....?
I have giggled, snickered, snorted, laughed out loud and throughly enjoyed your blog all the way back. Oh my, thank you for making this Texan's day a whole lot brighter. BTW, I have one of those flat-faced kissable dogs, Lovey, the French Bulldog. It's a compulsion, you just can't help it! Looking forward to reading your next installment!
Thank you! It means a lot that someone out there likes this!

Shelby sends his regards and says he loves to be kissed!
Oh, I like it, I like it. Our one and only fire alarm event was years ago when we lived in a house with high ceilings. On the way upstairs to bed we noticed a large spider on the ceiling, but couldn't reach it to do anything (yes, you know what is coming). Drifting into dreamland some time later we were shocked into consciousness with the most appalling racket from the alarm just outside the bedroom door. Yes, the ****** spider had crawled into it and set it off somehow.
Hope you finally had a peaceful night - those middle-of-the-night escapades are exhausting, aren't they?
At last - a night`s sleep! I even slept in!
I hate those wretched things! The ones in my new house are hardwired into the house power supply AND supplied with a 9volt battery as backup! It's AWFUL.
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