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Friday, July 31, 2009


As you can see, the picture shows Allegra and friends.

Why, you ask, does it not show Allegra and puppies?

Because Allegra is bored. SO bored! Already!

As a person she would be known everywhere as the life and soul of any party. And it has taken her less than two weeks to sus that motherhood is no party. You feed one end and clean the other and that`s it, folks. So after the first week I began to hear the patter of feet in the hall, and see a little nose come round the door - "What`s happening in here, then? Did I miss something? Can I just sit on your knee for a bit?"

Of course she is doing her duty, and the little girls are now so fat they can hardly crawl, and spotlessly clean. I suspect they will be a lot more entertaining once they are up and moving and trying to chew her tail off......

I told Merlin that having four daughters involves a lot of responsibility. Had he heard of the duties of the Father of the Bride? When the little girls are old enough for husbands, who will have to pay the stud fees.......?

He went under the sofa.

He hasn`t come out yet.
Allegra is amazing! Do we ever get to see new pictures of her pups? or has she relegated them to a back corner so they won't interfere with her social life?!
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