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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This is the height of the show season for me, with a Championship show every weekend and the routine of packing up everything - World War II was won with less equipment than I take - and boarding the old white bus about midnight with Allegra (bouncing with excitement), Marcus (dreaming of all those bitches) and Truly (throwing up).

Last weekend was a show at a venue almost on the south coast, the farthest I will go. 800 miles on a coach with dogs - some of them Bassets -gentle reader, just don`t go there. Easier to harness the dogs and try for the South Pole instead

And when we arrived it was hot. Not even any mud. Fainting Peke weather. In September !

Papillons cope quite well with heat Marcus did feel it, but with the big dark eyes of all those girls waiting for their turn upon him, he refused to show it, and did his little best, to win a large class. As we waited our turn for the judge, he searched out the owners of bitches at the ringside and gave them melting and confiding glances....."I am just what you and your girls need"

Truly said she would probably drop her tail and I told her in fractured Swedish what would happen to her if she did, and she didn`t. I find she responds well to really bad Swedish, which I can always provide.

Allegra didn`t even notice the heat. She lives in a frenetic world of her own, with an attention span of about 4 seconds and inexhaustible energy. Handling her, I sure felt the heat.

All this and taking photographs and videos for the website and not missing one iota of gossip....
then loading it all back on the bus (with the bassets) for a nine hour journey. In bed by 4am.

And this weekend we go again.
Wow, now that's what I call dedication! :) Must be like travelling with children...
Boy I'll second that! Only, a bit better than traveling with children in that you can lock them in a crate... :-)
I wanted to ask, how is the bus arranged? Do a group of you just get together and charter one, or what?
The bus is chartered by our local Toy Show TRaining Class, they take out seats in the middle section to make room for the crates, we all load the dogs and ourselves on to the bus about midnight in a lonely carpark up on the moor near the M74 motorway - and off we go again
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