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Thursday, November 23, 2006


A while since the last post, and yet again I am no stranger to the doctor.

I slogged out there again in the rain this morning, rattling with the pills I had been given for a strange skin eruption on my face. It had been diagnosed as shingles - the only painless shingles in history.

The doctor examined the large portion of my face that now looks a lot like the surface of the moon.

"Ah" he said darkly. "Would you allow a second opinion?"

And there I sat, my swollen, pitted face the subject of intense discussion. I felt as though I was auditioning for a flim of "Bride of The Elephant Man", with the studio bean-counter dancing about in the background muttering, "Hire this one - we`ll save a fortune in makeup over a six month shoot".....

Argument raged over whether this was herpes simplex (with complications) or herpes zoster (with complications). Well, thought I, it`s all herpes, and there are only two kinds......yes, gentle reader, there is the Other Sort, but just don`t go there, because I certainly haven`t.

The outcome predictably was another course of pills. That`s as well as the ones I have to take five times a day every four hours - do the arithmetic and ask yourself when I am supposed to sleep.

No, I`m not posting pictures of this horror. Have some cute puppy ones instead.

Meanwhile I have the Club Show at the weekend.

Anyone have a spare burkah?
Oh god. Want I should knit you a hat? That comes all the way down to your chin?

I do, of course, have a lacy cashmere shawl but do I offer that? NooOOOooo! Shows you what sort of friend I am.
So sorry you are having such a lot of problems recently - I do hope they can get to the root of the problem and clear it up quickly. Hope you make it on Sunday OK.
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