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Friday, August 17, 2012


Solitaire`s terrible three have run into a problem. Not that they see it as one. But they are seriously travel sick, and even on short journeys I open the travel box to find three soaked and dribbling apparitions, (and sometimes more mess than that).

When they went to the vet to be immunised, they arrived so wet and traumatised from the journey, that they never even noticed the needle going in, and just sat and shivered with glazed eyes on the table. (The vet thought it was hilarious that I arrived prepared with towels and sponges and paper....)

It is not an improving situation.

Of course the worst offender is Cupcake, and in the course of a journey he can spread it around quite a bit. Even Belle, who is least affected, usually manages to sit in it.

I remember a friend having similar problems with a young Afghan. After the first roundabout she used to let fly at both ends. The amounts a distressed carsick Papillon can produce are as nothing compared to a large queasy sighthound, and the car more or less needed to be hosed out.....

Any advice will be gratefully received. (Except for the ginger biscuit cure....I have vivid past memories of trying that, and of those things seeing the light of day again after a very few miles......considerably the worse for wear.)

Ooh these puppies are just utterly adorable!
Bailey was also sick a lot, sometimes for no apparent reason. The vet gave him some medicine but I really didn't want to go down that route so I started sprinkling probiotic powder onto some chicken which I give him daily. It has worked a treat and thankfully no more sickness! Cheap and healthy too!

One of our dogs was always sick (and sometimes the other) when travelling in a box, but as soon as we used a crate (uncovered) the problem stopped. We have also used, successfully, with others, one quarter tablet sealegs.
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