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Thursday, March 29, 2012


I was judging at a local open show, and all ready to go into the ring, when an exhibitor, who should not be talking to me, ran over and told me that my cousin`s house had exploded. A gas leak. His partner had been blown out and was OK, but he was missing.

He is my closest relative. As you can imagine, my mind was hardly on my judging.

But afterwards the news trickled in. They were both OK. The dogs, which had been outside, were OK. And even the one which had been inside and was also blown out, flying through the air, was all right.

The house, of course, was not. The whole front had been blown off, and what was left looked like a saggy dolls house. Nothing could be salvaged. It was all too unsafe.

Dog people can be really good. There were many offers to take the dogs, and eventually some of them went quite far afield. The two shocked survivors went to a relative, having been checked over at the hospital and found to have only minor cuts and bruises.

I think the insurance company will be quite generous to them. And no doubt a little surprised.

Normally in a house gas explosion, no-one walks away from it.
How awful! Glad everyone's ok
Yikes! Glad to read that everyone was physically okay. Best wishes for a good mental and emotional recovery.
OH! So glad everyone is OK. It's so traumatic though. Wishing everyone (human and canine) a speedy emotional recovery.
Well, OK so far, although they are still looking for somewhere to rent in the meantime. It has been a grave shock, though, and they are in their seventies, so it is a great challenge for them.
Holy Moley, glad they are OK. But at 70 years old to go through this. I hope they are able to keep on going emotionally, physically and financially.

I am so proud of Ms. Angel. She is so cute and a winner for sure. Those Brad Pitts in the ring, just remember he was so cute when he was young, but the current awful haircut and weird beard sure detract from his current handsomeness. Maybe this kind of thing will happen to the Brad Pitt's of the Papion world.

Hugs all around - Hester from Atlanta
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