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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I was at the vet today with one of mine, for an unimportant eye check.

The waiting room was full of anxious dogs, many quivering in fear. You will never convince a dog that the vet is there to help him....the vet is a terrible figure, brandishing needles and thermometers.

A large man came in, with a totally nondescript large mongrel. It appeared to be pretty scared. Clenched in its teeth was a pink ball, clearly the equivalent of a security blanket. Every time it dropped the ball, it would begin to shake and glance compulsively from side to side. Its owner would quickly replace the ball.

(Every dog in the room came to attention. "Ball! He has a ball!")

At last the receptionist, not the sharpest knife in the box, began to take his details.

"What breed?" she asked.

The owner looked down at the mutt, now gripping the ball desperately.

"Well, I wish I knew. I`ve often wondered. But, you know, I like to think he`s a Lolly."

A strange blank look came over her face, the look of one who has yet again seen the world get far ahead of her. Clearly she didn`t like to ask.

He took pity on her.

"A Lolly. You know - a cross between a Labrador and a Collie."

The room erupted in laughter, the ball was dropped, all the dogs made a dive for it......

And then the vet came out and collected the Lolly.......

Nothing new there, then.

I hope the Lolly (a great name for a breed) got the pink ball back!
One of my dogs got to know the vet really well when he got to go to the vet every time I took my very ill Chihuahua in. Toward the end, the visits increased from once a month to once a week to twice a week. The young dog believed that the vet was a place to get extra treats, and nothing ever happened to him there. After my Chihuahua passed away, the vet visits went back to the typical twice a year, occasionally more if there was a problem. Now that this dog is a senior citizen, and it has been over five years since the other dog passed, he thinks the is not such a fun place. Unless baby food chicken is on offer.
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