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Wednesday, December 07, 2011


And with it comes the usual bad weather. Yet again my birthday outing was spoiled by it, although this time I abandoned the effort before the snow could do anything worse to me.

Angel grows, and is supremely confident. She is exrememly aware of how pretty she is.

I took her to an open show, to let her see what it was like, and she took it all in her stride, and showed off to everyone and anyone. There was a lot of interest. Once she is old enough I hope there will be a lot more. Everyone and everything is greeted by the same arrogant little stare - "Yes, I really am a wonderful little person, about to take the world by storm..... And you?"

Meanwhile Allegra is again visiting a handsome male. I gather she has taken over the household. She is used to a dry food diet. The dogs she is visiting have a made up one. Allegra promptly gobbled hers, and everyone else`s she could steal, then did a very convincing Oliver Twist act beside her empty dish. She then made her selection of the available toys, supremely careless of whom they had belonged to, and demanded to be played with.

Having led the dog a merry dance, she at last agreed to the inevitable - and then, as her husband staggered off for a well-earned rest, loudly demanded a repeat performance. Allegra is accustomed to get what she wants.....and no doubt will.

If the promised storm allows, I will collect her on Friday, leaving behind her some very exhausted dogs and humans ....who will feel that they have weathered a storm already that lasted a week - an Allegra typhoon.
Fingers crossed for a successful outcome!
There is a distinct look of grandpa Marcus and Auntie Allegra on Angels little face!I must say she is delicious to cuddle!L
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