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Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Maximus, the puppy who looks most like his mother, Solitaire, has clearly inherited more than I thought.

All 3 puppies are dedicated knee sitters. But with Maximus, you get just a little more than a warm puppy. Every few minutes you are treated to something else, a little whiff of an unmistakable scent which has little to do with air freshener.....

Yes, like his mum, Maximus is a serial wind breaker. I am well used to her efforts as she sits on my feet in the evening, but I never thought it could be inherited.

Something tells me that if he has to go to a new home, this will not be a strong selling point....
Didnt know wind breaking was inherited!I think of all the pups our Kathryn had and her the worst wind breaker EVER!My God!These poor unsuspecting owners!Hope you are feeling better.L
Sounds like the little guy and his mother need to wear Charcoal Deodorizing diapers when they are inside your home.
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