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Friday, October 28, 2011


The long gap has been due to my health, and a spell in hospital, during which I was amazed at the number of times my BP was checked and at the number of incredibly good looking doctors and surgeons. Where do they get them? Central Casting? And if so, why isn`t my local practice recruiting from there?

I have a fond memory of coming back from the Imaging expert (looked a lot like George Clooney), to be accosted by a younger version, who produced a stethoscope and said he would like to listen. By all means, thought I. As long as you like.

At last he folded up the stethoscope and said, "Well, you have a heart murmur."

Now I had previously spent part of an afternoon hooked up to machines in cardiology. With my total lack of medical expertise, I still found it difficult to believe that young glamorous Dr Kilpatient here with his trusty old stethoscope had discovered what they were totally unable to see......

But he was very easy on the eye. I suddenly realised that this wasn`t real. I was obviously now living in a hospital soap.

"I find a lot of those", he confided.

"I`m sure you do", I replied, thinking "probably in every single patient, and you cure them single handed, before the commercials....".

Well, I came home at last, to absolutely hyper puppies, all struggling with teething and the huge problems of growing up. One had explored enough to step on a nettle, and the other two were totally entertained by his antics as he screamed and howled and rolled about and proclaimed that he was going to die. Would they get his share of the food, then? His mother rolled her eyes in disbelief, and gave me a look that stated that I needn`t expect her to do anything. Eventually the appearance of dinner made him decide that perhaps his feet wouldn`t fall off today.

All back to normal, then.
Sorry to hear of your troubles but I am glad to hear all is back to normal!! I love your puppies!!
I am sorry to hear that you were in the Hospital. Attractive Doctors can help the time pass faster. Have the puppies passed through the "fur explosion" stage yet? Hopefully the one who stepped on the nettle has gotten over it. Love your photos. I hope that you are feeling better.
Sorry to hear of your health problems and hope that they are now a thing of the past, or at least won't stop you showing and judging.
I`m still a bit sore and tired, but once the stitches are gone I hope to be OK. I go back for assessment next week.

Thank you all for your good wishes.
absolutely hilarious, as ever, Elizabeth. Your stories always make me laugh out loud.
Anne (Pyatshaw)
It takes a truly gifted writer to be able to elicit a literal LOL moment from a story about a hospital stay!

Glad you are better, and hope you are back to normal (whatever that is) soon!
Stitches?! I did not know that stitches are a treatment for High Blood Pressure.
Glad you are feeling better and back with the paps.
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