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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The water saga here continues. This is an area very close to a huge water treatment plant. The sort of area you would not expect to be plagued with mains leaks and loss of pressure....which we suffer every day.

We have been on less than half pressure for a month, ever since Scottish Water effected a "repair" at the derelict house next door. Water is gushing down the road. You would think the problem would be very evident.

Due possibly to my constant emails, but probably to the fury of my Rich Neighbour down the hill, who has a mansion with a pool, an outdoor hot tub, jacuzzis and a facility for swimming horses, all of which need full pressure, last week a load of numpties was decanted at the leak area, and proceeded to attempt to find it. My Good Neighbour phoned me the progress. Eventually they were reduced to using a water diviner - "They`re using bent coathangers now!" my neighbour gasped incredulously.

Today they came back with a digger and tools. Progress at last. The Customer Satisfaction Numpty was very encouraging......

And then the Supreme Numpty arrived. The Health and Safety man.

"Beware of buried cables!" he thundered.

All our phone and electricity cables are overhead and clearly visible.

They all packed up at once and left.

I can see I will not be using the hose in the foreseeable future.

Which is a pity, as I am beseiged by teenage gangs, who throw missiles and vandalise the place.

Things got so scary the other night that I was reduced to phoning 999 (like 911 in the US). And what happened?

Two hours later the police phoned back offering me an appointment to see a policeman the next day. That`s what constitutes an emergency service here nowadays.

Altogether, things are not too good here.
That teenage gangs thing is definitely very scary. Why are they targeting you? And WHY aren't the police taking it seriously???
I hope things have settled down now, both on the water front and on the teenage pests one and that you and dogs are allowed to live in peace. Wonder if your local MP could stir the police up a bit on your behalf? Worth trying?
Have just discovered that now if you dial 999 and ask for the police you are not put through to them, but to a call centre not manned by police goodness knows where. Very encouraging. Hope the ambulance and fire services are not doing this.
I might try my MSP on this problem.
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