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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


In from rescuing Truly from a set-to with Daisy. There is something about Truly that sets the hackles rising on my bitches - maybe body language, maybe the fact that she is literally a foreigner - and Daisy has been no exception. The others riotously joined in, and Truly took refuge under a prostrate juniper, from which I had to extract her with much cursing from both of us, mine in English and hers in Swedish.

Juniper and I do not really get on, and I am left with a rash on my arms from the prickles, and bites from all its residents, who hated being disturbed and got up on their six legs and attacked me with enthusiasm.

So now I have to get ready for the big event on Friday.

As you will guess, it involves a long journey down south, and crowds of people.....

Yes, of course its a dog show! What did you think?
Very fancy invitation. I love how the dress instructions seem to be directed at men. I have no idea what a lounge suit is, but it does not seem like it is intended for ladies.
I hope you and Fidget have a good time at the show.
I expect you will be able to watch the other "event" later in a comfortable outfit, with your feet up, and a have a better view on TV. You can also fast forward through any boring parts, or take a break whenever you want.
I think men are the ones you expect to get it wrong. A lounge suit is just a really smart suit. Women always know what to wear at weddings.

As usual, a dog show comes first!
I tried to leave 3 comments last week and blogger ate them all.
Hester from Georgia
Blogger is a real trial to use. It has become quite a struggle to post anything. I`m so sorry your comments got lost.
So, did you and Fidget have a good time at the dogshow? I was working during the wedding. We could watch parts on our computer screens (no sound). I wish that some of the VIPs were identified with little popups as they walked by. William and Harry looked very dashing in their uniforms. William is certainly balding! Harry looked like he had just put his finger in a wall plug. Catherine looked lovely.
Didn't watch the wedding. Also had a dog show. No nice pap girls to ogle. Corgis, hah, what kind of a royal dog is that? So working class!

Ann and Plato
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See no attraction in Corgis at all - ugly snappy little things. One went BIS at an open show I attended just before the wedding. There were quite a few comments on a topical choice, including - "Bet it answers to William!"
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