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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Autumn rushes in, and with it longer nights. They bring problems - I live far from streetlights - but also advantages. Wandering gangs of feral children are not likely to come out at night.

I have been plagued by these this summer. The ones who are turned out at dawn and told not to come back till dark - "and here`s some money for chips." They come down to me, shout abuse, and attempt to attract, and possibly harm the dogs. The dogs are very upset.

I spent a lot of time rushing to the gate to try and head them off, and was stoned for my pains. One even pointed what seemed to be an airgun at me. I resolved that that would never happen again.

I laid out the hose, which is a long one. And the next time I heard them, I was waiting at the gate, and so was my hose. I hosed them. I am at the end of the water main, and have very high pressure.

At first they thought it was funny, and pushed each other into range of the hose. But as they got wetter and wetter, the amusemsnt evaporated, and the chill set in. It wasn`t a warm evening, and they were dripping.

Just as they retreated, water sloshing out of their shoes, the police arrived. They were highly amused. I pointed out that although they had run up into the field, they would be easy to pick off, as they were soaking and it hand`t rained for a week. "We`ll just go off and collect all the wet weans, then", they laughed.

It has been very quiet since then.

I like it that way.
That sounds very scary buy you handled it with your usual deftness and humour!!

I can just imagine them shivering on their way back home!

Well, I live alone here on the edge of the woods, and have to come up with my own solutions to most probloems. Although the police actually came this time, they usually respond to calls two or three hours later - not much use.
That is so worrying! I hope those little b*ggers stay away. It would be TERRIBLE if you or the dogs came to harm. Stay safe, Elizabeth.
It is not good enough that they respond two or three hours later! Could you and your neighbours form an alliance of sorts? If something happens and the police don't turn up after a certain time one of them drives to your house to scare them off?

Just a thought.
Glad you found a solution to the problem, but hope the little sw*ne don't try to get their own back which unfortunately is a characteristic of youth these days.
Thank you all for your concern!

I can`t really involve my neighbours. The nearest are a ten minute walk away, and only one of them is likely to be there at any time.

A week or so agao they were also targeted by the pack. While the property owner chased them, the rest of the gang broke in and stole money. So they are not too likely to want to leave their house unattended when that lot are on the loose.

Meanwhille, no sign of them since the hosing!
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