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Saturday, September 04, 2010


....After an interesting hiatus in which I had one computer which would not get me online, and another which would, but had a dysfunctional keyboard on which pressing any key got you amazing and adventurous results . That`s not to mention Old Chuggy, who lives in the back room, and when started up proudly announces, due to a checksum deficiency, that it is the first of January 1995 - well, I suppose anyone can be proud of their birthday.

Anyway, I`m back, but you haven`t missed much.

Fidget, mercufully, has stopped growing, and will not have to be enered in Akita classes after all. Indeed, he went to his first show last week, where he had a great time, but did not distinguish himself. He has an unfortunate habit of barking on the move - I think it is to ask the other puppies to play - and is only silent standing still, when he is very willing to become a statue. I suppose we will get there.....

He was totally unfazed by the whole event. I was exercising him when we went round a corner and met 3 German Sheperds. Knowing his Papillon duty, he barked wildly at them. They studied him with growing interest. One of them stood up.

At that point Fidget, maintaining eye contact throughout, pointedly cocked his leg on the nearest post. The gesture said it all, You just don`t mess with a Pap dog. He walked away, very satisfied. We were all now safe from such as them. It was all a little tarnished by Ella, who had seen it all, yawning pointedly - but prettily, probably in the hope that someone would jump to fill her open mouth with cake, or ice cream.

Now we need to work on the problem of Fidget`s total allergy to being inside any moving vehicle. Short of the assistance of Scotty to beam me over to the benches straight from home, I fear I will be dealing with a rather damp and quivery puppy on arrival at shows, for some time to come.
Aw, sweet little Fidget! :)
I hear feeding a small ginger snap cookie before a drive can help with carsickness (as long as the cookie is made with REAL ginger, and not just imitation flavoring).
I have tried the ginger biscuit in the past, and I`m afraid it was "returned", rather the worse for wear, the next time the car went round a sharp corner.
I used to have a cure for travel sickness which was an enzyme powder you fed for 2 days before the journey, but that was many years ago, and I can`t find it now.
At the moment Fidget is making journeys wrapped in a towel....
We use quarter of a sealegs tablet, given the night before in a piece of cheese, and that seems to work for long journeys. For journeys to ringcraft etc same dose, but a couple of hours before.
Problem is, as a minor puppy dog he is first in the ring, and I am nervous about anything that might make him drowsy, without there being any time for it to wear off.
We have never had any problem with drowsiness if given the night before. In fact, I can never remember any problem even when given for a short journey to ringcraft.
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