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Monday, May 31, 2010


It`s all happening for Daisy. There seems to be no stopping her. A long dash down south, a stay in a delightful country cottage, a long detour through leafy lanes to avoid a jacknifed lorry, a rush into the showground....and all well worth it, as yet again Daisy, thoroughly enjoying herself on a bright windy day, excelled herself and won a fourth CC - that`s two CCs in about 5 days.

She is now enjoying a well-deserved rest at home. And if I know Papillon bitches of her age, she will be expecting unlimited privileges - and probably getting them too.

The others? Well, Ella and Velvet have qualified for Crufts.

Ella is having a problem with big dogs, which obviously live on a diet of fresh Chin. She has not accepted the advice of her best friend Velvet, who has assured her that all really big dogs live in secret terror of Papillons, and if she sticks with her, she will be OK.

At the last show, the Chin ring was surrounded by hounds. Big ones. However, Ella met one she could relate to. He was a huge Deerhound puppy - but he was lying down, at full length. He was totally laid back and fortunately did not get up. Ella was very sociable with him. After all, she could clearly see he was only about six inches high from the ground. How could one be afraid of that? Sometimes I think Ella is a few sandwiches short of the picnic - or maybe just very sweet and innocent......

After all, beside Merlin, most of mine seem like Nobel prizewinners.
Bless their little hearts - what would we do without them. (And that is a question better not answered!!!!)
Congratulations Daisy!! She is really a beautiful little dog.
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