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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


At the end of a hot day at the Scottish Championship show, to which I had hauled myself with an impressive chest infection and a cough straight from the grave that could clear a ring in seconds, Daisy did it. And she is now a Champion!

Despite the heat, she behaved superbly and clearly had great fun all through. Adam, Lynda and I are delighted - and without our good friend Jacqueline who tirelessly provides transport and support, it wouldn`t have happened.

It`s a Cinderella story for Daisy, as you know, and all the sweeter for that.

I got home happy and exhausted and explained to Julian that he had sired another Champion.

He appeared to associate this news with the instant supply of extra food......

Why am I not surprised?
Yay for Daisy! And congrats to you too, Elizabeth :)

Hope you're feeling better...
Congratulations all round, and hope you are now totally recovered.
Thank you! It was great fun, especially for Daisy - I think you can see it in her face.
I am full of antibiotics and steroids - and off to another show very shortly!
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