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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Merlin does it again!

Yesterday, at a very civilised time of day for once, Truly presented us with a little girl, delivered with the usual Swedish efficiency and minimal help from me (apart from a considerable amount of ice cream and encouragement to "push harder, dear".) The new arrival took only a few seconds to find the milk supply and latch on.

Yes, another Merlin daughter. When informed, he did not reach for the cigars, but a strange blank look came into his eyes, and he looked about nervously for a place to hide . He already spends a lot of time with his two Allegra girls, now entering the "teenage"awkward stage, but clearly it had never occurred to him that these little blessings might just keep on coming.

Truly, on the other hand, is quietly smug.
Congratulations on the new arrival.

She looks adorable with that little pink nose.
Well done! She's quite lovely.
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