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Saturday, November 15, 2008


Just a quick one. This is a personal blog. Any opinnions expressed here are mine. I do not represent any dog club, kennel club, government be it local, , national or galactic, official views. What`s here is what I think. If you don`t like it, take it up with me. You know who I mean.
I enjoy your website and your comments. Freedom of speech is something I firmly believe in, so please carry on giving us your opinions and comments on as many subjects as you choose and let those who don't like it read other blogs more to their way of thinking.

P.S. Missed seeing you and the dogs at Arbroath today and hope you are not unwell.
Well said, anon! I LOVE this blog, it's so funny and if folk can't see it for what it is then that's their problem! Keep up the good work!
Your blog is one of my favorites, and I'm sorry you've been getting some flak. Disagreement is one thing, but trying to control what someone thinks or what they write on a personal blog is just ridiculous. Common, unfortunately, but ridiculous nonetheless.
I know this is your personal blog and you do not represent any club, but being the president of one ,and also being on the judges panel at the semminar any comments made by applicants should have been private and confidential and
not referred to as a hissy fit .everyone has an opinion, but Im sure the applicants would like to think they could trust the panel to act in a responsible manner
Oh, I AM glad you're not going to let any stupid comments or opinions affect your blog. I love your sense of humour and every one of your dog pix! Keep it up! :)
Oh, Dear. I love your blog and frequent puppy dog pictures. I'm sorry that people are being mean.
Thank you everyone! This is really a storm in a teacup anyway...just an old enemy who has reurfaced. The blog will keep in going!
Well, Liz, I recognise a fishing expedition when I see one, and you are tempting me to name and shame so that you can accuse me of breaking confientiality. But I am a wily old bird and will do nothng of the sort. I have named no-one and not detailed your friend`s bad behaviour - it does need to be discussed, and probably censured but this is not the place to do it.
well Elizabeth Im glad you dont think this is the place to discuss the matter but you are the one that opened it up to the public domain ,you let people think I was complaining about your blog which I was'nt. as for being an old enemy Im sorry you think that. as for the person you said was my friend I only know them as a fellow dog exhibiter lets bring the matter up at the next committee meeting
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