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Sunday, November 02, 2008


It`s been a while. Lots of reasons, incluing the dificulty of posting using his old laptop which suffers from a common laptop disease known as jumping cursor.

A quiet time. We held the dreaded seminar and it went off really well. All the dogs and people arrived on time, the talk went well, despite Truly`s insistence on staring at the ceiling all the way through, and Marcus, bored with waiting his turn, quietly eating all his lead. (I`ve had this trouble with leather leads before - I remember waiting to go into the ring with Decibelle, and discovering I was holding about 8 inches of lead- the rest was inside her, and it reappeared, in neat little sections, over the course of the next few days......)

Most people passed the assessment, and those who did not, took it in good part (with one glaring exception who had a hissy fit and became very offensive....and I`ll deal with him when he dares to come out of hiding.)

Apart from that, the puppies are growing on and have hit the great teething barrier. Suddenly ears have flopped, tails are at half-mast, and everything and anything is being chewed - I found them both yesterday chomping on the Dyson. They roll their eyes and give me looks that tell me how hard a life it is being a puppy.

Wait till they try being adults.
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