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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


One of the few prospering shops on the Main Street is the Polish Deli. It`s never empty. And recently it has expanded into the promising field of Pizza.

They are of course truly Polish Pizzas, filled with Polish specialities.

There is a Masurian Farmer`s Pizza with sausage, pork and sauerkraut on top of the tomato and cheese. And a Warsaw Mermaid, prominently feaaturing Pickled herring.

I began to wonder why we had never developed regional pizzas here. A Welsh Pizza with leeks and laverbread? What would a Scottish Pizza feature? Venison? Salmon?

A friend put me right.

"Aye, it would certainly sell. Let me see - you`d want a standard base with cheese and tomato, then bung on a deep-fried pie and a big dollop of curry sauce. It would go well when the pubs close. You could call it the Braveheart Pizza."

Brave heart indeed.

Even braver stomach.
Mince & tatties pizza, with extra toppings of deep-fried Mars bar and haggis, drizzled with heather honey and washed down with Irn-Bru!
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