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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


If you have ever watched THE DOGWHISPERER , you will have realised the importance of the dogowner as pack leader. I am well aware of this, never more so than when I rushed down into the lower dogrun the other day, hearing the familiar sounds of all sorts of mayhem and threatening death or retribution.

It turned out to be a complex crisis. One of the cats was up in the walnut tree - Florian can`t climb that one, so he was halfway up the nearest one, grimly hauling himself up, determined on Cat Dinner.

Meanwhile the old ladies, the Heroines of the Soviet Union, were having a catering meltdown of their own, and canine threats and curses were being screamed. I parted the crowd and found two partly eaten rabbits.

It is not the first time that they have caught rabbits, and quite frankly any bunny rash enough to tunnel into the dogrun is committing ritual suicide. But in this case the ownership squabble seemed to be getting out of hand. I ordered the whole lot in.

They slunk in, casting me looks that weren`t hard to interpret....

"She`s having our rabbits. She`s shutting us up so she can have both of them for herself. Rotten selfish pack leader she is...."

I left them to cool their heels, and disposed of their catch.

When I let them out later, they made a beeline for the spot where they had left their banquet. No rabbits. Not even fur, or any remains. Furious glares.

"See that? She did it! Ate the whole lot herself! Didn`t even leave us a scrap of skin! Ate fur and all!

I could see that they were casting around for a way to tip me the Black Spot, and possibly a plank for me to walk.....

Well, dream on! No mutiny aboard this Bounty!

(Although sometimes it feels more like the Titanic.....)
Oh, my. What a great photo and story.

I can only imagine the looks. Similar, I am sure, to what I get when I confiscate dangerously shredded cat toys for disposal.

What is the name of the cute little black and white pup in the front and center? Adorable!
The one front and centre is one of my old ladies, Xena, and she was no doubt the leader of the rabbit hunt - she has caught herself rabbit dinners before. She is almost ten now.
A rabbit was stupid enough to go into a dog run?? Must have been a very young rabbit.

Beautiful photo of your gang. Love the dog standing up on the other.
Thanks for the name to go with the face. They are all adorable, but Xena just has "that look" that I love.
The dog standing up on the other is Dora - not too bright, our Dora, and possibly wondering what the others are so worked up about
Great story. Do I really count eleven dogs in that photo? Wow!
Yes, 14 would be about right, I`m afraid. Papillons sorta grow on you...
Hilarious witterings, i'll be back!
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