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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


And I survived all those hours on the Big White Bus to Wales and back again. It was Merlin`s first experience of the bus and he was very much on barking guard against the monster in the seat opposite. She was a baby Afghan puppy, and although her head was bigger than his whole body, she was very scared of him, and howled desolately. Absolutely no-one else on the bus appreciated this in the slightest.

A dry day was much appreciated. Merlin showed well but was not liked and came 5th.

Allegra was enchanted with the lovely smelly grass, from which the cows had obviously been removed about five minutes before. Desperately I hauled her head up, but she was determined, and on the second leg of the triangle she went down and rolled. The blatant exhibition of her waving legs did her no good at all, and she didn`t even deserve the 5th place she was offered.

Few dogs were there. People are feeling the pinch, and this is an expensive game.

Meanwhile at home the puppies are coming on apace, and are already quite willing to have baby battles. Topaz can`t understand why they won`t come out and play with him. Merlin stares at them...not so long since he was a baby in that pen with his mother, and sometimes I wonder if he is thinking how much easier life was then. When Tamara goes out, Truly comes in and inspects them and gives them a wash with a look that says - "They are clearly not being brought up the Swedish way - a very sad effort indeed !"

Tamara in fact keeps them very clean, in contrast to her own childhood. Her mother, Red Sonja,(aka Red Sofa) was very fond of her but a lot less fond of washing her. Sonja`s sister, Kallista had a litter of two, always squeaky clean, and when the little grubby Tamara toddled out to play with them, Kallista would give them a look that clearly said - "Play nicely with her, boys - she comes from a poor home."

This will be Tamara`s last litter - unfortunately I have no way of explaining to the rather harrassed little red lady that peaceful retirement is on its way.
I've never had a dog roll in the ring, but I have had one start digging!!
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