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Monday, March 10, 2008


...of course we went to Crufts. (Apart from Truly, who was otherwise occupied). Allegra, Marcus and Shelby were loaded up - this time fortunately into a car (oh the luxury !) and off down the M6. (Over years of dogshowing Ihave memorised the M6 and can recite the junctions and services, to the amazement of friends who know I don`t drive ....)

Crufts is a strange old game. In addition to the usual faces, you have the Foreign Dogs, many never seen before, and every one a wild card. Old hands look at them sideways and mutter that they didn`t come without a reason. In this case I was told at once by some continental friends that a certain dog had been brought over to get Best of Breed - and so it proved. It takes the edge off the proceedings although goodness knows it isn`t unusual. I notice that this year the bookies voiced suspicions about the honesty of Crufts ...er, proceedings. It took them this long to notice??

Well, I didn`t expect too much for poorMarcus with his depleted tail, but had hoped for better with Allegra. 3rd is the worst she has ever had at Crufts - in fact this was the first time she didn`t win.

The judging had all the speed, warmth and panache of an Antarctic glacier in a bad winter, and the judge had me warned off for flash photography, so the temptation to leave the ring and socialise was strong. Crufts is a great social event. You meet people you only see once a year....Truly`s mum for instance. And people kept giving me food - delightful, but death to the diet.

Home via a series of dismal service stations to watch the deplorable BBC coverage - why must they assume it is children`s entertainment? - and muse over the deep questions it raises....

How did such a badly constructed chihuahua go best in Group?

What is the attraction of the circus performance called Dancing with Dogs?

Why oh why won`t any of the many dogs he clutches so grimly while presenting bite the dreadful Ben Fogle?

Or at least pee on his leg?

I'm with you on the chihuahua and Ben. Never mind, there's always next year.
No self respecting dog would wish to make physical contact with the utterly untalented and poisonous Ben Fogle!As for the chihuahua? Yuk!In fact Yuk to both!
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