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Monday, February 11, 2008


A busy time here. In fact, Truly`s first time, and it`s always a worry when you don`t know how she will react to the joys of motherhood - and she didn`t react all that well to the joys of getting mated in the first place.

She didn`t provoke any feelings of confidence either when, the night before the Big Event she decided to forcibly evict the other two girls from the bed. Allegra said she would be disputing that, and placing her teeth at Truly`s disposal....and I found myself grasping two little tigers by the tails (literally), while Solitaire, fearing correctly that she would be next, took refuge on my head wailing loudly that she was just a little baby and harmless. In fact she is quite a large girl, and what with balancing her and keeping the other two apart, I looked the next day as if I had gone several rounds with Edward Scissorhands.

However, that was the last real problem, and a day later little red Truly was the surprised mother of an equally red son, who is being mothered with Swedish efficiency. Red Sven (working title) is rapidly becoming too fat to move about much and too full to care.
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