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Thursday, November 01, 2007


I spent a boring hour having my breathing tested and proving yet again that I am useless at blowing into machines. I was told that I have asthma, which I knew, and COPD, which I didn`t.

But I wasn`t short of advice on the latter. The horse people I know are very familiar with the term COPD. So I have been advised that I should be out to grass as much as possible, if stabled demand a dust-free loosebox, and above all only eat fresh hay.

Despite feeling really well, I have decided not to enter myself for the Derby.

Shelby says he wouldn`t bet even one Bonio on me.
Hi Elizabeth, I am really distressed that you've got COPD. I hope you're staying away from cigarette smoke (assuming you're not a smoker yourself) and anything else that worsens the situation. Please do take care of yourself, you're one of my favourite bloggers!
Thank you so much1 I really feel quite well, and I do take care, but it`s nice to know that someone is thinking of me !
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