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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I got the renewal forms for the gun license in today. Well, actually these are replacements - two bitches managed to piddle on the originals and I draw the line at handing the yellow damp fragmented remains in with the bright smile and innocent expression you always seem to adopt in police stations. Applying is a tortuous, involved procedure designed to make you feel like a criminal - and if you think that`s bad, you should experience the home check.

Well, I obtained the four photographs (one for the police, one signed, one countersigned, one for the Home Office), all appearing to show a week-old corpse with attitude....it didn`t help that I only got the photobooth to produce them after a good kicking (a fine old Scottish remedy for recalcitrant machinery - kick it and insult its mother). And then I checked to see if there was any change in the regulations governing the references required.

The person giving the reference must be a MP, Justice of the Peace, doctor ........or person of similar standing.

I wonder if that includes the Islamist doctors who plotted and tried to burn Glasgow Airport and all within. The RAI in the town where I was born seems to be a hotbed of such medics, and it hard to realise that the dedication to healing we expect from doctors in the west is not at all part of the profession in the Middle East. I for one will make a point of avoiding moslem doctors in the future - not that that will do anything to reduce the terrorist threat - it`s just a personal reaction.

Fortunately the Glasgow terrorists were incompetent, and ran into a typical Glasgow reaction.

But thanks to the Blair legacy, no doubt they will not be the last.
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