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Saturday, June 16, 2007


After two weeks of coughing and many many red pills, I`m packing and preparing for yet another day of persuading little dogs to give of their best, in a muddy field deep in the borders.

Allegra is somewhat...interesting to the opposite sex, and will spend the day in seclusion.

Truly and Shelby seem to have had access to my books on hairless dogs, and decided that that is the way to go this summer.

Marcus (still recovering from Doing It The Pom Way) and his brother Florian The Climbing Dog have decided that beige is the new white, regardless of my washing efforts

Well, I`m certainly not going for the cuisine (classic salmonella innabun).... .

I`ll just have to look on it as a social event then.

Go on, convince me !
Well, from the picture it certainly looks to me as if they are "on the ball"!
Good luck.
I hope they amaze you with their crisp professionalism in the ring. And that you have a wonderful time at the social event of the season. And, given sufficient helium, pigs will fly. Best of luck!
I was at the same muddy field on the Borders.
Now, I have a boy with a problem-he has a constant hard on and this makes him appear to be roach backed. He is not.
He is especially rampant at shows and just touching him causes him to squirm and get harder. It also make shim bounce about when showing how well he moves! I have that under control but have no clue about how to dampen his ardour. he is an excellent stud of course!
Seriously, I would worry about that. I would ask the vet. I think you have a health problem there.
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