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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I waited in all day for a delivery but I might as well have been on the moon. No post, no parcel. Total isolation.

In the evening my friend, who comes to take me to train ing class, phoned.

"I`m on your road, at the derelict house but I can`t come any further. There`s a fox."

Was I being besieged by a rabid monster?

"No it`s dead. Lying across the road. I can`t drive over it or I would - well, it would be squashed.."

I plodded up the road with a pair of rubber gloves. Yes, a very dead vixen lying right across the road. Dead probably for a day. I removed it, to the great disappointment of a lot of flies.

As we went on, a thought struck. I asked if she thought the cadaver was the reason why I had had no post and no parcel - indeed no-one at all that day.

"Of course," she replied.

Am I missing something here? Or have I been completely hardened by country life?

Or do I possess the last pair of rubber gloves on the planet?

Well, they should be worth a bit.

I should advertise them on eBay as "slightly foxed"
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