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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Shelby feels that readers are probably getting quite the wrong impression of him. He thinks that this picture will correct the balance and represent him as a serious and successful show dog who has just won Best of Breed.

What it doesn`t show is the aftermath, when he got into my showbag and trashed it utterly, removing every item for thorough inspection and subsequent testing to destruction. Only the metal items don`t carry toothmarks - everything else has been stamped with the classic Shelby Seal of Approval perforations.

Shelby would say that attention to detail is the cornerstone of his success.
I think we have exactly the right picture of Shelby - an adorable, full-of-himself, scampy-boy who is too curious (and intelligent) to let the world go by without making his presence known. In and out of the show ring!
That`s about it !
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