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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Already the excitement of Crufts is beginning to recede, helped on its way by the chest infection I managed to pick up there and a recurrence of my Achilles Wooden Leg (see archive Dec 2004)

Crufts was really good. A good atmosphere, even with the change of judge. And running back and forth between two halls heaving a very solid Shelby has done wonders for my leg muscles. Shelby loved Crufts and found the crowds fascinating. When I finally got him into Junior he swaggered, and attracted a lot of favourable attention from the ringside - well, lots of pointing and no laughing - and was second.

Ran back through the mob of tourists, picked up a hyper Allegra, rushed her in and won.

And then you would think I could have a rest.

But I have to dot around trying to get photographs. It takes me right round the ringside. At last I subsided into a seat, and was immediately joined by three large men. I couldn`t quite pick up the language, but I had noted from the catalogue that one dog present had a qualification from a former iron curtain country and assumed that they were supporters.

I was busy with the white balance and didn`t notice the arm going round me. I did however notice the bottom pinch.....

Well, I mean, it`s been a whlie......And at Crufts !

No, you can`t retaliate in the usual ladylike manner with a carefully placed knee or a Glasgow Kiss. Rule 42 covers all that. I shot off to the other side and carefully ignored the complicit grins from all three of them which followed me throughout the rest of the show....

I`d swear Shelby was also grinning alll over his big flat face.

But I did later meet a lovely person who actually reads this blog and likes it.

Just how cool is that !
I can only say how lucky for that lovely person who met you. I'd love to meet you (and Shelby and Florian especially and all the others too!) :)
It was a pleasure to meet you and your dogs.
Oh dear? The Drummie Kiss is frowned upon at Crufts? I think there's a reason I've never been allowed to have dogs.
Well, KC rule 42 covers behaviour which brings the event into disrepute. I guess that covers every aspect of self-defence I was taught all those years ago by DS Picken of the Glasgow force. He told me and his daughter - "There are many types of self-defence, like Judo and Ju-Jitsu, but the type I am going to teach you is Glasgow Dirty...."
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