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Friday, February 23, 2007


A quiet time. Quiet weather, and a collection of lazy dogs. I wash and wash and use endless preparations with Crufts looming - their idea of Crufts preparation is more and more beauty sleep.

Truly was hauled off last Tuesday to training class, with Solitaire for company. Alas, I didn`t know that Solitaire had liberated a considerable quantity of liver from the kitchen and obligingly shared it with her friend. Solitiare can be very obliging at these times....

The result can be imagined. Truly stepped out fastidiously over the puddle of sick - "In Sweden we never get our feet dirty." Solitiare, Scottish to the core, had sat heavily in it and then rolled about a bit and was in a fair way to being condemned by the SEPA and the Public Health dept. She was left in the anonymity of her box where she was very vocal about her cruel and uncaring owner.

Another bath followed - and indeed I am off shortly to dunk the boys in the new enzyme shampoo imported from the US. There seems no end to it......

I should have stuck to the cacti.
Good luck at Cruft's!! I always enjoy your posts, so come back with some good stories! :-)
I meant to say "Please come back with some good stories!"
I`ll do my best !
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