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Saturday, March 10, 2007


Yes, Florian did it again. And this time I was busy packing for Crufts and happened to have the camera in my hand and a small ladder lying outside. I rushed out when I heard the rising chorus, with the bass provided by Florian`s resonant honks - and there he was, six feet up in pursuit of poor Eloise.

As you can just make out, she has her eyes squeezed shut in denial.

Florian - "Another inch and you`re fast food ! Or rather, not fast enough food..."

Eloise - "Omigod....get a grip girl. It isn`t real. My analyst said these persecution hallucinations could be triggered by memories of sibling rivalry in the kitten pen - or too many mice too late at night. I`ll just keep my eyes closed and think of milk and soft cushions and sushi....."

These crises need a firm hand. Or rather two - one on the cat and one on the dog.

Sanity restored.

If Florian leaps tall buildings at a single bound, you`ll be the first to know.
Actually, it's just his way of telling you he'd rather be doing agility! :-)
What's one more set of shows...after all, you probably have some small amount of time, money and sanity left over after the conformation shows, and Heaven knows the dogs just won't have that!
PS - my word verification was very difficult!! Blogger is picking on me, I just know it - I feel like I'm taking a typing test :-)
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