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Sunday, May 14, 2006


I have had Papillons for decades, and am all too aware of their little foibles. One is a boundless contempt for other breeds. They can really be little Nazis, and think they are the master race. I used to have Chinese Cresteds as well - a gentle happy breed not too burdened by intelligence (or housetraining) - and the Paps simply regarded them as pond life.

So it was with some trepidation that I went down to a major championship show to pick up Shelby. What were they going to make of a Chin?

True, they have met Chins at training class, and the general opinion seemed to be that those Chins were just Paps who had met with a terrible accident, probably involving hitting a brick wall head-on. But a Chin on home ground?

Shelby proved to be adorable, and very confident. He was happy to strut his stuff with a total stranger (not me) in the ring, and was placed. His dad went Best of Breed, and I felt grateful that he was setting his son such a good example. I pointed out to Shelby that he should follow in father`s footsteps, preferably three times. Shelby just gazed up at me with those huge melting eyes....

After the usual horrendous bus journey, I was faced at midnight with the problem of introducing Shelby to the gang.

I decided to start with the old ladies (of whom I have rather a lot). Shelby rose to the challenge magnificently and made amorous advances to each and every one. The old biddies were delighted, and flirted madly. You could see them thinking - "At last she`s brought something worthwhile home from a show - shame about the accident to his face, though...."

He was equally sensible with my 4 males, he played with the puppies - and that was that. Integrated.

His amorous intentions are now fixed on Dido (who has also been fixed, so he`ll wait a long time for that ship to come in), and Roxanne, my little Virgin Queen who hates males. And it suddenly occurred to me that I have absolutely no outlet for his sex drive. No little Chin ladies. Poor Shelby!

I mentioned this to the vet, who had asked if I would use him at stud. The vet looked surprised.

"Have you not realised that there are very few Chin males in Scotland? And quite a few females?"

Shelby wagged his tail really hard. Already life was looking up.
He's lovely! Congrats on the new addition.
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