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Friday, May 05, 2006


A truly amazing storm last night, and a test of the puppies` temperament. I was reading and suddenly realised how dark it was. I looked out and the mother of all storms was walking up the far side of the valley. Immense amounts of noise, purple cloud and multiple lightning strikes - it looked almost tropical. From this safe side of the river I watched the lightshow. I like storms.

And the dogs didn`t care. I rushed about trying to get them in and they got more and more excited - eventually I told Prudence and Sonja that I hoped they could swim and waited until the hail drove them indoors, very damp and panting.

Then we sat it out as the cottage was battered by more hail and torrential rain, and eventually the storm rumbled off north to flood most of the low-lying areas of the central belt. Fortunately I live on a steep slope, and even more fortunately the power failure that usually accompanies even the slightest gust of wind around here didn`t materialise - probably because I had the foresight to get the candles out in advance.

And that`s the most excitement I had this week.

But next week the show season resumes. And Shelby arrives.

Watch this space...
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