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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Back tired from another show, at which Fidget behaved, had a good time, but did not impress.

 He is an erratic traveller. He realxes and sleeps on motorways...but he doesn`t do corners. So for the country road that crosses the river and winds up to the M6, I have to hold him on my knee, where he moans and rolls his eyes every time we go round a bend. At the motorway approach, he is put in his travelling box and settles down.

It could be worse - I have memories of a friend`s Afghan who used to let fly at both ends on the first corner we came to. Afghans can produce..... quite a lot. We always seemed to be cleaning out the car at the same farm gate fairly near her home, and wishing we had a hose....

Much of the discussion at the show was not about dogs. It was about the cost of showing them. It has become a very expensive hobby, and entries at some shows are starting to go down. The show organisers put the price of entry up to compensate for this - as though you were a shopkeeper who couldn`t sell an item at 50p and said "well, I`ll put the price up to 75p to compensate." And the cost of fuel for travel is a matter for national debate at the moment - personally I advocate switching to cooking oil at 90p a litre, but have had no takers so far.

 Wait and see. We will be using dog droppings to power our cars to shows before long.

Judging by what I pick up every day, that will give me a fuel monopoly.
The theory for raising the costs for showing your dogs seems to be done by the same kind of sloppy thinkers here in the States. The theory being - we are raising the prices with no thought for the reason less people are attending events: which is, the economy is a mess and the everyday person is supposed to cheerfully take up the slack out of the pockets.
Wake up organizers!
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