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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Unexpectedly, Daisy has returned to me. I am busy helping her to integrate with my unruly lot.

As she left here at 8 weeks, it is all very strange to her, but it looks as if she will settle well - Papillon bitches are very resilient, and the others are willing to accept her. Solitaire alone is jealous, and is demanding a lot of attention.

Merlin deicded she was his personal present, and was very attentive - until he was told to get lost. Marcus, her half-brother, established that she was not in season and yawned. Her father showed no interest, but her mother, Fenella, did a double take and stared hard...and then you could see her wondering just what had caught her eye, and dismissing it.

Meanwhile Daisy is occupied in having the change eased by frequent application of chicken, and wondering what on earth happened to the two Chin, and whether it is catching, and her face will eventually flatten too.

I wonder how she feels about pheasant....?
What a beautiful little girl~! I am totally fascinated (and in love) with the Papillon breed. One day, I wish to be the proud momma of two Papillons. For now, I am living vicariously through you! Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog.
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