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Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Well, no prizes for guessing that I am well snowed in again, and up to my knees in deep crisp white global warming so far. Access on foot only here.

My old ladies are not amused, but Young Fidget is delighted. He feels it is all for his benefit, and when he went out this morning into a further six inches of pristine white, he gazed at me with gratitude. (They all think I am responsible). He then dived in, with only his head showing and hared about in delight. What dogs see in snow, I will never know...

They don`t all feel that way. Ella, who as you know has given away her coat to charity, is appalled, and Shelby is truly disgusted.

Can`t say I am too amused either. Meanwhile shows are being cancelled, and Allegra has been advised to put her romantic plans on hold. I can see my Christmas plans sliding down a deep hole in the snow too. I didn`t make it last year, being snowed in, and will now confess that the presents which were bought and not given last year have been saved for this year (yes, I am that low.) It is looking as if they may not fulfil their destiny this year either, and may end up a little like those scruffy bottles of cheap wine which are won in one raffle and promptly put back into the next one, travelling on in hope like the Flying Dutchman and never coming to land, with their labels becoming ever more worn.

We shall see.

I`m off out to dig out more coal, and stoke up my little stove.
Good luck with the snow, and send some of it Denver way.

Your photo of Allegra is adorable!
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