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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Yet another unusual show for me - judging a Chinese Crested one.

Now, at one time I was very active in the breed, but that was......well.... just a few years ago, so when I came into the hall the reception was a little strange. The exhibitors were divided into those who had never heard of me, and those had, and who gave me the same look of very wary awe you would give a large dinosaur you had just found munching the petunias in your border. (And a few old friends of my age...not so many of those, alas.)

It was lovely to be involved with so many Cresteds again. They are not at all like Papillons. They are gentle, happy, trusting little souls, very attached to their owner and often to other Cresteds, not too keen on public events, and much given to spontaneous song*. I can remember when I used to let my lot run outside, they would come and chorus outside the window of the room they supposed I was in. If I looked out of another window, the song would die, and they would give each other dirty looks - "That was you! You said she was in there! You`ve made us look silly!"

And on cold or wet days, when I opened the door, they would look at the weather, then at me - "Why have you made it rain?"

They were wonderful mothers. I can remember sitting beside a mother with a Crested litter, holding a little Papillon puppy whose mother had no milk, and wondering if she would foster. While I was still pondering on this, she suddenly reached out with her long neck, took the puppy from me, and put it in with hers. She then favoured me with a hard look - what was I thinking of, just sitting there, when puppy obviously needed milk?

Anyway, despite a heavy cold I had a good time, with a good entry of quality dogs. And I really enjoyed myself.

* not one of mine, but this clip really captures the spirit of the happy, musical Chinese Crested.
Crested song
Glad you had a good time. First time seeing a Chinese Crested - rather strange looking dogs, but cute! :) The "singing" clip... gosh, five minutes of that would drive me nuts!
You learn something new every day!! We used to have a westie, many years ago, and for fun (!) we used to put our heads back and "pretend howl", but silently, when he would immediately copy, but not silently! At that time there was also a tennis player called Ayela (don't know if that is correct spelling) and the same dog, if you said in a particular voice "A yella doggie" would say his version of that with surprising accuracy. Ah me, how long ago that was, and what memories I have now dredged up!
You sum up their personality perfectly -- 'soft' is the first word that comes to mind when I try to define the personality of this breed. They're such sweet, lovely little dogs!
And out of 107 Cresteds present at the show there was exactly one genuine hairless.....
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