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Monday, June 07, 2010


Before the Bath show, we stayed just outside a little village called Castle Coombe, which simply cries out to be photographed......

So I did just that.
Lovely pictures, Elizabeth, and you certainly got nice weather as a bonus.
What a beautiful village and wonderful photos. I have the not-so-great privilege of looking out at smog covered office buildings. I'm glad you shared these photos. And hooray for Daisy!!
Best - Hester
Thank you for the photos, what a lovely village. I've been wondering what has been going on with Mr. Lentil, Fenella of the Jungle and Florian the climbing dog. I'd love an update!
Well, Florian the Climbing Dog is almost 7, and his jungle gym acivity has slowed down a little, Fenella of the Jungle is just delighted that her daughter Daisy is a Champion, and Mr Lentil....well, he is just Mr Lentil, as cranky and babyfaced as ever.
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