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Monday, May 11, 2009


It`s spring - well, we have had two sunny days and there might actually be a third. My lot are seen here making the most of it, in their usual quiet, refined manner.
Oh my goodness. I completely have the giggles from the video.

Thanks so much for sharing.
Is that Merlin's previously described 'horrid screechy bark'? Because it woke all the spitzen up from a sound sleep and they look MOST disgruntled.

Glad you're finally getting some of the warm weather, we have extra here if you want some more.
No, I`m afraid the credit for all the noise belongs to Topaz, and he is the little face who pops up at the camera. Fortunately he only barks when playing!

Pouring with rain here, so please send all the sunshine you can spare!
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