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Wednesday, May 06, 2009


A reasonably successful beginning to the show year. Boris is enjoying it, flaunting his ears....unfortunately, having managed to hoist both of them at once, he is now struggling with the daunting problem of clothing them with an adequate amount of fringes.

I seem doomed to worry about those ears for ever. I still speak seriously to him on the topic, and he listens very carefully, but I fear the advice is going in one ear and out the other....

Merlin has no such problems, and is doing well, especially with Boris, quite a solemn little fellow, to show off to. He swaggers and screeches, and does quite well. He tends to gaze up at people with the sweetest expression, and I just hope they don`t realise how little real common sense lies behind the big dark eyes.

The last show saw both well placed, but otherwise the main interest was the whirwind. I`ve seen these often abroad, and this one as usual rose suddenly into a little funnel, carrying up a cone of dust and rubbish, swirled about, then suddenly,turned and shot right across the Pap ring, scattering everything on the stewards` table and overturning it, blowing away the results board, filling the Pap`s fringes with dust, and attempting to relocate the elderly judge to Oz (where I suppose his entry would be reduced to Toto, and possibly a few flying monkeys).

And then it died as suddenly as it began.

Everyone shouted about the "tornado" - it was later reported as such to dog people in America and I began receiving queries about damage and casualties, and how much of the county had been laid waste.

Little other excitement. I have at last escaped the dodgy half-life of committees, and feel so much the better for it.........

Oh, and hat is not on the menu. For all her singing and dancing, Solitaire has not passed her audition for the Pudding Club. But give it time - she may yet audition again, with an improved act.
A little excitement is good though, eh? Makes the day a bit more memorable. =)
well...I`ve actually had quite a hectic time with dog committee infighting of the most vicious kind - but I didn`t think that would make very amusing material, somehow.
Aw, hope that worked out all right. We have a Housing Committee where I live and the amount of drama they manage to create over the silliest things boggles the mind. I assume all committees must be like that!
All committees seem to be the same. In the end I lef the Club and took their website with me and good riddance!
Maybe judges deserved it - if not at that show, then for something sometime. Too bad about the dusty ears, though.

Factoids: Those tiny tornadoes are the reason the UK is said to have more tornadoes than anywhere else recorded. They are officially the cause of the real (non-human-made) crop circles - witnesses saw one happen around them and that clinched it. I'm just glad they're small. Little ones over here are called dust devils when they're called anything.
Well, the judge was a bit past it really.
I think real tornadoes have to come down from a storm cell.These little whirlwind things rise up from the ground - I`ve seen them often in Greece and Turkey - and they are gone in a minute or two.
I only once saw a real tornado here, but it was small, and the funnel didn`t manage to connect with the ground.
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