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Monday, March 23, 2009


A bad back obtained somehow at Crufts, a truly horrible meeting, the enforced termination of a club website I run, all the girls rushing into season...just one of those weeks I love so much.

Solitaire, who may well be dipping her little hairy toes into the tempestuous sea of sex in the near future, went to a show with Shelby and Merlin at the weekend. Alas, I had forgotten that she is only happy in Papillon company. In the ring she looked lovely until we approached a corner where there were 3 very innocent Cavaliers - her tail hit the dirt and she informed me that the end dog was Notapap, and furthermore mostly black, and had looked at her more than once, and could she go home please? Right now?

Merlin on the other hand, had a happy time, and his raucous bark echoed round the hall , probably shattering glass and permanently damaging hearing. Shelby was his usual impeccable self. He is the ultimate reliable dog, and always gives of his best, and indeed was Best of Breed.....

And was rewarded by being forgotten. I woke at 2am convinced that I had somehow missed a dog. Got up, and there outside the door sat Shelby, his big round patient face turned up, not at all upset, just waiting. I rushed him in and he was consoled with a Tesco Value sausage roll in bed - his idea of heaven (although a willing chinlady would be very acceptable too........)

What with the credit crunch, he had better not set his sights much above the sausage rolls for now
Poor little man! He was so polite about it!

The more I learn of Chins, the more I like them. =)
Chins are VERY different! They folow a different drum. People do agility with them - but no-one does obedience!
Poor Shelby, glad he wasn't too perturbed by the experience. I know what it's like, head counting is a necessity when you have a bunch of them going in and out.

It doesn't end there though. Once you know someone is missing, you then have to work out which one it is! I usually start with the colour.
Not even a teeny wuff as a reminder that he was outside? Aww... what a star! Deserved every crumb of his sausage roll!
Poor polite man! i really like them (chins), they are very different....
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