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Sunday, January 25, 2009


I had to leave the dogs for a day last week. I came home to the alarm racketing on and a worried police presence.

I opened the door and out popped Truly.

She had discovered that in the front of her large crate there is a little hatch for providing food. Not too little for our Truly. She had squeezed out at 11.40am (that`s the first time the alarm was logged as going off.) No doubt some time was spent sneering at the others who were still confined - then I think she had spent the day in my bed, judging by the warm Truly-sized dent I found in the middle.

There was the slight problem of the call of nature. No problem to our Truly. Truly uses the bathroom, like any civilised person.

I discovered this when she had her litter - they were kept in my bedroom, on the other side of the bed from the door, in a large box with a clamshell lid. I was awakened during the first night by Truly walking over me. She opened the lid, climbed up on the bed, jumped down on the other side , opened the bedroom door, went across the hall and visited the bathroom - then made the return journey, crossed the bed, jumped down, opened the clamshell lid and popped back in with the puppies. I suggested that she could at least have closed the doors behind her, and was favoured with the intensly smug look I know so well....

So throughout the day when I was away she had visited the bathroom, leaving small deposits - and setting off the alarm again each time.

Truly was quite uinrepentant. She had had a lovely day.

So much so that at the next show she sulked and pouted and made it clear that there were better ways of spending a day than posing in the ring.

And looking at the way the judging went that day, I had to admit that she had something there.
Now if you could just train her to flush and put the lid down again...
We are working on it - problem is that Truly would expect a servant to do that for her...
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