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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Just getting ready for another show, in Wales. It`s been some time since I climbed on board the dreaded White Bus, and I hope my old legs are up to it.

Generally speaking, winning this year seems to have depended mostly on Who You Know. I have shown lightly, and am not sorry. Of course discontent amoing exhibitors soon shows up in falling entries - quickly these days when travel is so expensive.

It looks as if Truly will soon be back in the ring. Her coat is racing back in, and this week I took her to training class with her son. She was ecstatic. Her face lit up and you could see her thinking "There IS life after puppies!" She showed off and tried to sit on everyone`s knees. She loved her night out.

Topaz was not amused. He sulked and was very distracted.

I suddenly realised that to him traIning class is like a disco - you go with your goofy pal (Merlin) and meet the other young folk and have fun. For a moment I could see them just a bit like Harry Enfield`s Kevin and Perry..... But to show up with your mother.....! He oozed embarrassment, and scowled from under my chair.

Truly didn`t care. She gave him a withering Swedish look.

"He is sooo boring! I have finished with him now. Now it is all me, me, ME!"

She twirled away, and Topaz decided to give up and sit on my knee.

One of the many hard adjustments in the life of a young male dog.

Merlin is writing the book on that one.
Poor Topaz... it's such a difficult life!
Truly looks gorgeous - good luck with her!
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