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Thursday, June 26, 2008


A frigid experience at the last show, where people were buying dog blankets and bedding to wrap round themselves in the icy blast commonly known as a "sea breeze". At least we weren`t there on the next day, when everything blew down - the joys of open air events in this country.

I wasn`t showing, so had time to study the judging, which was at times...unusual. Exhibitors were told to withdraw their dogs when they dropped their tails, a common Papillon event, often causing the owner to despair and think canicidal thoughts, but hardly a temperamental fault.

. Seldom has so much time been spent on Papillons on the table. We were highly entertained by one episode, when he was determined to find out if one dog puppy was entire. As we watched in disbelief, he searched on and on trying to find two with a large hand in the puppy`s rather skimpy knickers. The little dog`s face was a study. His show pose became rigid, and his eyes began to pop. He looked around desperately for help. When placed on the ground at last, he moved very cautiously, and was very careful never to turn his back on the judge.......

And that`s showing for a while - for I have been summoned to the High Court in Glasgow for Jury Duty, something I could well do without. Everyone I tell says it will be such fun - "you`ll probably get a great murder!" Am I missing something here? Is my idea of fun a little lacking? Should I be looking forward to a "great murder"? How many people out there think CSI is real life?

Anyway, I won`t be able to tell you about it, even if it is a "great murder", under pain of imprisonment - at least. (Scots law is Different. For instance, we have 3 possible verdicts...)

Meanwhile, life goes on here. Tamara is comfortably pregnant, after another visit to the east coast and a son of Marcus, and eating me out of house and home. She proabably thinks the east coast is the nearest place to heaven she has yet found.....

Truly is bitterly regretting all the other bitches she bit while the hormones were running high. They still haven`t forgotten, and she is treading very carefully these days..... Meanwhile all the other girls have come out of season at last, and Shelby has regretfully given up offering them a quick but comprehensive Japanese lesson.
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